Thursday, January 19, 2006

Declutter by Counting to 10

Declutter by Counting to 10
When you're faced with a HUGE cleaning obstacle - such as my closet, hahaha - it gets pretty intimidating to think of tackling that disaster in one go. So, why torture yourself, I always say! If you can count to 10 (and I KNOW you can) then you can handle those larger decluttering and organizing tasks in a far easier, more relaxed way. Here's how I handle my decluttering adventures:

* As often as you can (preferably 3-5 times a week) just take a few minutes to tackle 10 items in your current decluttering adventure. I like calling it this, because it makes is sound far more exciting than it really is. So, if your closet is as messy as mine (this is MY current decluttering adventure) just take time to deal with 10 things. Some might get chucked away, others recycled, other given to charities or to friends.

* Don't have time to do 10 items? Do what you can - set a number, let's say 5 - and handle those items that day. You still did a great job! Remember, it's all about lots of little efforts = a huge accomplishment at the end.

* When you're done the current decluttering adventure, celebrate! By all means, indulge in some chocolate or something. (Send some to me while you're at it. hardy har!) Then, set your next decluttering zone and then gradually work on it as you did the last one.

* Get family involved! Remember, I like to call children and family members: "Extra Cleaning Help, Free of Charge." Hey, you feed and house them, so they ABSOLUTELY can pitch in with the cleaning and decluttering work at hand. DON'T NAG - just offer some sort of reward. You could even have a reward jar, like my MOm used to have -- when I finished a task from the job jar, I got to choose a reward! It made cleaning fun, not a huge trial.

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