Thursday, January 26, 2006

Rubber Gloves to the Rescue (Beyond the Sink)

Rubber gloves may not be high fashion, but those little babies are handy to have around, and they're not ONLY useful for doing the dish washing. Here are some of my favorite tips to use rubber gloves:

  • In your cleaning kit, to don when dealing with the nastier cleaning jobs (toilet!!!) around the house. Keeps your hands nice and clean and makes you feel like a REAL cleaner.
  • Moisten a rubber glove and wipe across surfaces that you want to remove pet hair from. This works amazingly well! Then just ball up the hair and chuck it away, or stuff small pillows with it. (Ewwww...that sounded funny when I first thought of it but now I've gone and disgusted myself thoroughly.)
  • Put on a rubber glove and you'll be able to open stubborn jars with ease! Also works to open bottles. In fact, keep a rubber glove handy in the kitchen just for this purpose.
  • Good for smacking your husband with when he gets cheeky. Oh, okay, maybe that's just me...

And yes, feel free to draw on your rubber gloves with indelible ink, adding a funny face to the front. Who said housecleaning had to be SERIOUS? :) Have fun!


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