Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Creating a Cleaning Kit - Lesson 1

Your Cleaning Kit is an essential for two main reasons:

  1. Having all your cleaning stuff in one kit makes it EASIER to clean.
  2. Having all your stuff in one place makes it FASTER to clean.

Those two reasons alone should have you realizing that YOU, my dear slobbo pal, need a cleaning kit of your very own.

Creating your very own cleaning kit is EASY. Today's lesson is all about what container to use for your cleaning kit. Basically, anything that is easy to handle and carry around with you on your housecleaning jaunts will do very nicely. It doesn't have to be fancy, by any means. My cleaning kit is a big red bucket! It's sort of a rectangular bucket, which makes it great for storing all my cleaning junk. (Come to think of it, my cleaning kit probably needs to be cleaned -- the irony of it all! ) Before that I was using an old plastic pail that had contained dishwasher detergent.

But your cleaning kit can be:

  • a heavy-duty carpenter's apron - then you just wear your kit with you as you clean!
  • a plastic storage container
  • an old garbage can (clean it out first please - haha)
  • An old bucket
  • A box
  • One funky idea is to use a 6 pack container! Just put one thing in each little section.

As you can see, all that matters is that your cleaning kit contains the stuff you need to clean all in one handy spot. What do you guys use for yours?

Learn the ins & outs of creating your cleaning kit - including the cleaning essentials to stuff inside - by visiting:

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