Saturday, January 14, 2006

Handy Uses for Old Baby Food Jars

Now, I personally don't have any of these lying around...BUT I know a lot of people who do. :) Here are some groovy ideas on how to make good use of those cute little jars. (And yes, if you have any more ideas, definitely post it in the comments please!)

- craft uses: everything from votive candle holders to mini jars of homemade bath salts, etc. I even thought that you could punch holes in the lid, fill with a talcum powder and use it as a powder shaker!

- in the kitchen: containers for spices, snack containers for lunches

- General: Great little containers for holding small items like buttons, stamps, etc. In fact, I think a roll of stamps might fit in a baby food jar pretty nicely.

- In the office: Holds tacks, pushpins, and other little goodies.

- Air freshener: Fill with potpourri - and you can decorate the jar anyway you wish. That would be a cute little gift idea for a pal.

- Crafty: Snowglobes! If you love collecting snow globes, then you could try using an old baby food jar to make your own. Just glue a figurine or something on the lid, then fill the jar nearly full with water a little liquid glycerine to help suspend the sparkles. And yes - the sparkles! Add some craft sparkles to the water, and then glue the top shut.


Angie said...

Great tips, Christina! I was just asking hubby yesterday how I should go about getting a melted votive candle out of the holder. All he did was run some hot water in the bathroom sink, put the holder in it for a few minutes and boom it popped right out. The smallest things amaze me! LOL

Thanks for your tips! I will definitely try them out next time.


maria said...

Hi christina,

Thanks for your excellent tips,they
are much appreciated.

Re:baby food jars

When my son was in kindergarden,
I filled up the jars with jelly
beans and covered the lid with a
cute printed novelty cotton and
added a little ruban around the jar.

Those were donated to his school
fair to raise money to buy books.
They were a great succcess.