Monday, January 09, 2006

What housecleaning chores do YOU hate the most?

For me, the cleaning chores I DESPISE are:
  • mopping the floor - probably partly because I'm half blind without my glasses on and can't see if I've managed to actually mop anything up.
  • Laundry - likely because it's a shared coin laundry here in our apartment building, and I have a deathly fear of people searching through my stuff.
  • scrubbing the tub - probably because I'm lazy :)

Okay fess up slobbos - what do YOU GUYS hate? Then we'll figure out some ways to work around it and actually stop procrastinating for once. (for instance, I get my husband to do the floor mopping and it works out very nicely! hehehe)


smbwallace said...

Fabulous blog here! I've bookmarked it and will be back often!

I hate housecleaning and you can tell by looking at my slovenly abode.

What I hate the most is vacuuming! I also hate dusting, cleaning up the kitchen, changing the sheets, and the list goes on and on!

HappySlob said...


Oh, thanks so much for the compliments. :) You're my first blog commenter or is that commentor? Whatever...

lol Hopefully you'll find some of the tips here and on of some help. I'm definitely a slob by nature, which is why I taught myself some of these things. I'll never be a perfectionist cleaner, but at least I've improved a lot over what I USED to be.

Sharon said...

Hey Christine, nice new blog you have here!
The thing I hate the most is doing the dishes. I have no dishwasher in my temporary apt (after having one for...well, since 1988!) Every once in a while I pack em up and take them to the downstairs apt and run em thru the dishwasher there! (It is empty and in process of being renovated.) I know I cheat, but hey, it is good to run that thing once in a while anyway and I figure it might as well have something in it! LOL

HappySlob said...

Hey Sharon,

:) Thanks; glad you like the new blog. That other attempt I made was so sad.

LOL Life without a dishwasher for me would be very tragic indeed!! Isn't it funny how dependant we get on those things? I say: "Bravo" to you for making use of the downstairs dishwasher. I mean, why just let it sit there all sad and alone? ;)

Cindy said...

I hate mopping the floors! Before our eldery dog passed away I was mopping them twice a day. So I have floor mopping burn out! I still miss my dog but we're sticking to cats only from now on.

sweetdancer said...

Hey girl! Nice new site! Keep up the good work! It's on my favorites.
I hate to admit it, but loading and unloading the dishwasher seems to be a never-ending chore! If it is full of clean dishes, the dirty ones pile up in the sink, and once you get it going, there always seems to be more waiting their turn! LOL!
Then, there is my office/sewing room which is so full of "STUFF" that I can't seem to get motivated to clean it because there is no place to put everything away. That is my challenge and I'm not sure I am ready to accept it! ;)

Anonymous said...

I think cleaning the bathroom toilet and putting laundry away are the worst jobs ever and absolutely hate them! I get lucky because my hubby will put the laundry away but the toilet...guess I haven't got him trained on that one yet! (cleaning it that is, LOL)
Love the blog and I'll be back often to read it!

Kathleen said...


HappySlob said...

Okay, I think toilet cleaning is officially one of our HAPPY SLOB's MOST despised chore! :)
Me too, you guys - you're not alone. And I HAAAAAAAATe doing laundry for some reason - it just never ends, maybe that's the point.

So - here's a tip, as far as the toilet cleaning goes - denture tabs work great! Or a combo of baking soda and vinegar poured in will foam up and do what some of those fancy shmancy cleaners do, but without chemicals and without costing a lot.

I only have one bathroom to clean (I'm glad too! lol) so I just clean out the toilet quickly most days - I'd say about 4x a week, because I just pour in some baking soda, let it sit a bit (I add a bit of vinegar when I want that foamy action) and then I scrub it out quickly.

I'll try to research what can be done for REALLY bad toilets. Ours was new, so it's never gotten too bad...

Anonymous said...

I would have to say that I absolutely hate hate hate doing laundry and cleaning the bathroom!! I hate all chores but its impossible to avoid them as they will start to pile up and then you will start hating your life too. lol