Monday, January 09, 2006

The EASIEST Houseplant Ever (wink, wink)

I got a fantastic email from one newsletter reader, who sent in the greatest houseplant tip ever. I actually sat looking at my computer screen laughing as I read it. It is cute, and darn it, she's RIGHT!

The best houseplant ever is:
A SILK plant!

Nedra wrote: "silk ones. They are beautiful, you don't have to water or feed them, and they come in so many varieties. I have even tied little silk flowers onto my real plants that didn't bloom fast enough to suit me. Just use the little wire thing from bread wrappers. Hope this helps. "

It does indeed help. :) I admit to already owning one...and my husband bought me a REAL plant, some generic tropical type, and I'm happy to note that it's been 2 weeks with no plant death yet! If it dies, I'll likely stick with the fakes.

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