Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Homemade Lavender Spray

Okay, so I've already admitted that I love lavender. So, the first way (and really, one of my all-time favorite ways) to use this luscious stuff is to make your own easy peasy Lavender Spray. You can use it to mist on linens (that sounds fancy huh? I just call mine sheets. lol) or your pillows before going to sleep. Or keep a bottle in the bathroom and use it as a natural air freshener.

All you need is:

1 cup distilled water (it's best to use distilled; if not, you can use tap water)
8-10 drops of good quality lavender essential oil (find it online - eBay has tons of great suppliers at a really reasonable cost. Or craft shops and soapmaking supply shops also have it, it'll probably just cost a bit more.)

So, this is where it gets hard. NOT!! Pour into a small spray bottle with a fine mist setting, and be sure to label it so you don't end up using it to mist the plants or something. Give the mixture a good shake before using - and voila!! You have just made a bottle of lavender spray that would likely cost you $12 in posh shops!


smbwallace said...

You could probably do the same thing with tea tree oil or any other good smelling oil! Lavender is a little strong for me but I still use it some.

Anonymous said...

Can you get the essential oils at Walmart, or would like Michaels or Hobby Lobby be better places to look, and also what section would you look in?

HappySlob said...


Definitely, any lovely smelling EOs will work great. :) There are some great ones and it's fun to experiment. I really love citrusy EOs too, like mandarin and grapefruit...yum! I mean, don't eat the stuff, but it smells really great.

The oils can be found all sorts of places. Walmart does have some, as do craft shops or health food stores, even regular grocery stores often have them now. Just check around BEFORE you buy to find out where the best prices are.

Catherine Clark said...

I love making sprays. I use them for the air, sheets, bedding, bathrooms, myself in a pinch, countertops. I use half water and half ethyl alcohol (or vodka in a pinch) and 40 drops -- oh heck, half a 1/8th tsp of EO. Funnel all this into a spray bottle and shake well, then shake again before using.
Tea tree is good, but Myrrh oil is my fave! Smells sweet, disinfects, slightly antibiotic. Get it at Indian Food store supplies, Head shops and Health stores. Myrrh also mixes with orange, neroli, jazmin. Great stuff.