Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Cleaning the Coffeemaker

Well, the obvious tip for today (as I sit happily sipping some fantastic java) was how to clean the coffeemaker out! We have hard water here, and so I find that I clean out the coffeemaker about once every two weeks or so. It helps the coffee taste a lot fresher, and it's good for the coffeemaker too. (Or so my coffeemaker keeps telling me...hardy har)

ONE of your best cleaning pals as a HAPPY SLOB is...vinegar! Just plain old white vinegar. I usually buy it in large 4-liter jugs, because it's cheap that way and I really do use a lot of the stuff. (You'll see that this, baking soda and lavender are some of my cleaning obssessions...)

How to clean the coffeemaker: I run the coffeemaker with just vinegar, through one cycle. Pour the vinegar out and then run through with fresh cold water AT LEAST 3 times, or else you might have some OH SO YUMMY vinegar flavor lingering in your coffee the next time you brew a pot. (Tall Vinegar Latte, anyone?)

Once you're finished doing that, use a cloth or paper towel to give the inside of the coffeepot a good wipe out. You'll be surprised by how much the vinegar and steam work together to make cleaning EASY. :) And isn't that what we happy slobs love most? I'll answer that for you - yes, indeed.

You can give the outside of the coffeemaker a wipe down too, with our handy dandy homemade Very Vinegar spray, an all-purpose cleaning spray that is fantastic in all sorts of ways. THAT will be a post for another day...

Enjoy your fantastic cup of coffee, slobbos!


Anonymous said...

We live in a town with hard water also and to clean my coffee pot I use pickling vinegar; it's just a little bit stronger. I also run it through only half way then turn the coffee maker off for about 30 minutes to really soak off the hard water deposits.

HappySlob said...

Thanks for sharing this tip, it's great. I don't think I ever knew that pickling vinegar is a bit stronger - that's awesome to know! And letting it run only halfway and then turning it off WOULD really clean it out well. :) Thanks so much.

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