Friday, January 20, 2006

Code Red Cleaning (Emergency cleaning)

Now, I don't have a scary mother-in-law, in fact she's one of the downright coolest people I know. (I'll have to send her a link to this blog now!) But, if you do - or someone ELSE scary in your life just happens to be dropping in - what do you DO?

1. Breathe. It won't help anything to faint dead away. And no, it won't gain you any sympathy points with your aforementioned scary person.

2. Get everyone's help. You are NOT the maid in your home - the housecleaning duties should be shared with everyone. :) If the person or people are truly frightening, your family will be so numb as to help willingly. (Hopefully!)

3. Do the areas with impact - NOW. I call those areas that people SEE the most impact areas. It means that when you clean them it has the greatest impact. Makes sense, right? So now is not the time to clean the closet or the fridge. Clean the areas that will be SEEN.

4. Hidey holes and closets are your best friend. Right now, you need to HIDE the gunk, the junk and assorted phelunk. (That's my own word, it rhymed with unk.) A big old garbage bag or box can help - toss in anything that is cluttering up major areas like the kitchen, the living room, the bathroom...and then deal with it later, when the scaries are gone! For now, just put that box or bag (one per room is best) in a hiding spot - like the closet or basement.

P.S. For those of you who read my sad vacuum tale yesterday -- an update! It lives, the vac lives! It WAS a clog after all...silly overreacting me...
For more helpful tips on CODE RED CLEANING and Christina's entire 3-Step System, visit And yes, if you MUST tell your friends about it and gush with praise, well then I can't stop you! ;)

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smbwallace said...

The problem with #3 is that I never deal with the boxes, bags, and baskets full of junk! Haha! I have some company coming tomorrow so I better go fill up a few baskets right now. They aren't scary but I don't want to scare them!