Sunday, September 17, 2006

2 Easy Ways to Disinfect and Clean Toothbrushes

Now, once your toothbrushes are really old and icky, then it's time to clean them like this and then send them off to your Cleaning Kit as helpful mini cleaning tools.

But, for disinfecting, sanitizing and cleaning your toothbrushes now (the ones you just want to clean thoroughly and re-use) try these two tips:

1. Soak in hydrogen peroxide for about fifteen minutes, and then rinse with boiling water and allow to cool before using. (Or else risk a burnt tongue - yyyyyyouuuuch!)

2. Sanitize your toothbrushes in the dishwasher. Yep, it's true - it really does work! It sounds sort of icky, but this was a tip sent in to me by a reader, and I think it's brilliant. Even though it might look like you're a bit eccentric to visitors when you reach into the dishwasher and remove a...toothbrush. :) But we slobbos tend to care very little about eccentric impressions!

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Anonymous said...

I'm probably the biggest, sloppiest housekeeper in the world, but, I must be the "eccentric" guest you are talking about, because that sounds just gross. I would agree to soaking the toothbrushes in the peroxide first then in the dishwasher.....but the most disgusting thing someone on another site suggested, was to wash your cars hubcaps in the dishwasher to get them "sparkling"! I'm sorry, but only dishes we eat off from go in my dishwasher. There is no amount of bleach/disinfectant in dishwasher detergents to kill road grime!