Monday, September 04, 2006

Get Your Cookware Sparkling Clean - a Product I LOOOOOVE

At the kitchenwares shop where I work, we sell a ton of Barkeeper's Friend Cleanser. All-Clad recommends it for their posh pots & pans, to get it truly spotless and sparkling. It's amazing to clean out sinks. And...many swear by it to clean the tops of their smooth top ovens. One can of this stuff does a whole lot around the house.

A hint for you? Pick up a few cans of this stuff when you order some, because undoubtedly your friends will snag a can from you when they come visiting! hehe

Do you have a use for Barkeeper's Friend? Send it in to me, and don't be shy! I love hearing from slobbos around the world. ;)

Here are a list of more uses from the Barkeepers Friend website:


~Dawn said...

Why is this so much better than ajax or comet? Just curious... cause in my area it costs more.

Stacy said...

This stuff is a good alternative to the usual smelly cleansers. I also like using baking soda. Funny, but ever since pregnancy (3+ years ago) I cannot tolerate the smells of most commercial cleansers, like windex, but I can tolerate vinegar. Go figure.

HappySlob said...

Hi Dawn - it's a milder abrasive than those two you mentioned. :) Ajax or Comet is too harsh to use, for instance, on cookware.

Stacy - glad to hear I'm not the only one who loves the stuff!


Pete said...

Barkeeper's Friend is great. Gets rust stains off of laminates like Formica (but avoid using it on glossy formica because it will dull the surface). I also like Bon Ami powder. Its very gentle on skin and surfaces and doesn't contain any chemicals.

PS: Love your blog. Your approach is refreshing.