Tuesday, September 26, 2006

A GREAT Tip for Keeping Socks Together in the Laundry

Deanna wrote:

I burned out the motor on my washing machine, when it
sucked a sock into the pump. After that I got the
large delicates bags, and gave one to each person to
put their socks in when taking off. Now they just go
into the washer in those. It keeps all the socks
together so theoretically no more lost socks (ha ha),
and they don't get sucked into the pump on the washer.
And also it saves time when it comes to sorting and
folding the socks..a 2 for 1 tip :).

Thanks Deanna - I love those 2 for 1 tips, and isn't it frustrating when those mysterious socks just wander away? :) This absolutely helps solve the Missing in Action Sock Mystery! Thanks for sending this in!

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