Monday, September 04, 2006

Mini Cleaning Kits for Bathrooms - Why, When & How

Hi all! Glad to be back and blogging again - I have a few moments while my family who're visiting are out at a football game. Well...more than a few moments I suppose. :)

Personally, I don't have the luxury of an extra bathroom. One bath does well for my husband and myself, but if you have one or many extra bathrooms, then this tip will be a great one for you:

Create a mini cleaning kit for each bathroom!

If guests pop by unexpectedly, then you're always ready to clean up a spare bath quickly and easily.

What do you need in a Mini Cleaning Kit?
Not a lot. :) A few cloths or rags, a few scrubby sponges, a box of baking soda (or commercial powdered cleanser if you prefer), a bottle of our Very Vinegar Cleaner and you're set for nearly anything. Add to that a wad of newspapers to clean the mirrors - and remember to keep a toilet brush behind each toilet. You don't really WANT to trudge that nasty toilet brush around to different bathrooms, now do you? :) I didn't think so...

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