Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Cleaning is Fun - and Pretty Darn Cheap, too

Hey all,

:) How are you guys doing today? I was sitting here drinking my cup of tea, and pondering what to talk about today on the blog. Then, an idea popped into me wee little mind -- cleaning is actually pretty decent therapy, PLUS it's cheap.

Not sure what I mean on either count? Well, if I'm feeling a bit frustrated with life, scrubbing the sink or toilet is actually quite a tension reliever. And - have you ever thought about how CHEAP it is to do all of your own cleaning using the Happy Slob's Housecleaning Methods? Basically, we rely on our own steam power (coffee induced, no doubt), and the rest is cheapo products like baking soda, vinegar and even literal steam! (Steam is one of my favorite tools for getting the shower clean - quicker and easier than using TOO much elbow grease, if you ask me.)

So, even though we happy slobs might not be entirely THRILLED all the time to clean, at least we know there are all sorts of benefits. And hey, tension release and saving a few bucks are pretty decent side benefits to a cleaner, more serene home.


Stacy said...

Oh, it is so true about cleaning about a tension reliever. For me, whenever I'm anxious about something, cleaning is a must! Some people swear by traditional forms of exercise, like walking and running, for relieving tension, but I think cleaning is better because you're also getting work done.

Kathleen said...

I know this is really sick, but I have always found ironing therapeutic. Seeing all those wrinkles disappear from the fabric makes me feel like the wrinkles in my life are disappearing too! :)

marilyn christine said...

ha! not sure if I should even talk to you again-LOL--especially since you are right- there is just something about turning something dirty and old into something clean and like new. huggles me

HappySlob said...

Kathleen - be proud of your love of ironing! :) I only WISH I felt like that. hehe Sometimes I think it's pretty satisfying to iron something, but usually I just find it a bother.

Marilyn - :) You hit the nail on the head! Even we happy slobs know how soothing it feels to be in a tidier and less cluttered space. It just makes you relax - too much clutter stresses us out!