Saturday, September 16, 2006

A Few Simple Ways to Use Essential Oils for Cleaning

Now that you know how to buy essential oils, you'd likely appreciate a few handy ways to use these naturally extracted oils! ;) Your wish is my command. Here are a few simple ideas for using essential oils in your day-to-day 3 Step Solution Cleaning Routine

  1. In your dishwashing liquid - Add a boost of delicious, natural scent AND antiseptic properties to your plain old dishwashing soap. Add a few drops of essential oils such as oregano, tea tree oil, or lavender to accomplish this. This soap can also be used for other things besides washing dishes - it's great, for instance, for washing down walls.
  2. Washing the floors - Yes, we love our regular vinegar cleaner for washing down floors. (About 1 cup in a bucketful of water will do the trick nicely.) But, adding a dozen drops of lemon oil will add extra grease-fighting power AND will make things smell a lot fresher than that pickle jar vinegar alone! You could also try orange essential oil, if orange is your citrus scent of choice (as it is mine lately.)
  3. Added to our Very Vinegar Spray - Again, about 12 drops of lemon essential oil will add a special citrusy boost to our regular Very Vinegar Spray, the Happy Slob's cleaner of choice. (For any newbies -- it's just 1 part plain white vinegar to about 4-5 parts plain water, swooshed together in a clean plastic spray bottle.)

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