Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Keep the Cleaning in Perspective: 5 Tips to Help You Get Started

I was thinking about it this morning, while my husband and I were enjoying a lovely cup of coffee together (well, he's not a coffee drinker - he was drinking tea instead) that life is about so many other things BESIDES the house cleaning.

So, today's post is all about keeping your cleaning in CONTEXT with the rest of your life. For example - if I'd had to choose between emptying the dishwasher this morning, or having a nice lazy chat with my husband - I would choose the lovely chat each and every time. He matters a whole lot more to me than a few lousy cleaned-up dishes.

So, here are a few tips to keep your cleaning in perspective...and at the same time get started with the Happy Slob's Housecleaning Methods and keep going with it once you have started.

  1. Buy a copy of my book: The Happy Slob's Guide to Housecleaning . It's the logical first step when you get started with my easy 3 Step Cleaning Solution, because you'll have all the help you need whenever you want it. Delivery is INSTANT, so you'll get the info you need the moment you pay for it.
  2. Start gradually - I often recommend starting with one daily cleaning burst in the morning or evening...and then going from there.
  3. Don't get too discouraged - Hey, life happens! As a matter of fact, it happens on a daily basis, so sometimes the bathroom won't get as thoroughly cleaned, or the leaves in the yard won't get raked on a particular day. Try to remember the things you have managed to accomplish during the day and focus on that instead. Haven't been able to accomplish much? That's okay too -- just aim for a small goal the next day and accomplish it.
  4. Reward your good efforts - Let's say you manage to do a cleaning burst each day for a week AND one of the focus rooms. :) Hey, I'm very proud of you to start with. And you should be too. Reward yourself in some small, but meaningful way -- maybe treating yourself to a luxury coffee at your corner coffeeshop, or splurging on some lovely new perfume.
  5. Get the Family Involved - Family or roomies apply here - get them involved and DON'T NAG! Instead, show them that you're committed to this new way of cleaning. Watching you will often be enough to help them try more -- and then praise them for their help. Hey, wouldn't YOU feel more motivated to help more if you got lots of praise afterward? Reward your family or roommates too, when they've helped out around the house. Little gifts, their favorite baked goodies or other little 'thank yous' should suffice nicely.

Keep the cleaning in perspective, slobbos. :) So many other things matter more than a pristine floor or crumb-free countertop. Just keep trying, and you'll amaze yourself with how much you can do.

P.S. :) No, this isn't an excuse to not do any work...I just get a lot of emails from you guys when you get discouraged, and I wanted to give you a little pep talk to get your day started on the right foot.

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