Thursday, September 21, 2006

Easy & Fast Bed Making Tips for Happy Slobs

Hi all,

What's nicer at the end of a long day than crawling into a lovely, cozy bed? It's not nearly as hard as you might think to get that wonderful reward every night! Here are my simple steps to making a bed:

  • Start with clean linens -- it seems obvious, but you'll need to wash those sheets every week or two. (Every week is best.)
  • Remove top sheet (the un-fitted one) and any blankets or comforters. My favorite way to keep bedmaking REALLY fast & easy is to have a fitted sheet, a top sheet and then a big old fluffy duvet. Too many blankets really cramps my Happy Slob Style.
  • Spread the top sheet on, tucking in around the edges
  • Throw the cozy duvet on (okay, if you have other blankies - put those on first!) and straighten it up
  • Fluff up your pillows and add that on the top of the bed, along with any decorative cushions. Yes, I do like lots of extra pillows to make my bed seem luxurious.
  • Want an extra lovely touch? How about a little spray of Homemade Lavender Linens Spray? Just spray a bit on the bed and it makes it smell amazingly sleep-worthy. :)
  • Want to surprise your loved one? Whether it's your mate or your child, try popping a little gift on their pillow while they're away during the day and see the surprise and joy on their faces when they realize you did that for them - JUST because you love them so much! (A little wrapped chocolate would do nicely!)

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doreen said...

What a sweet & lovely little tip to put chocolate or other nice gifts under a loved ones pillow!!