Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Crazy Cleaning Tips: Cleaning with Coke/Coca Cola

Maybe you love Coke, and maybe you don't. But I've got a secret for you - Coke is a fabulous cleaner! Coke works especially well for cleaning stubborn toilet stains - ewwwww, right? I know - but it's true! Coke has phosphorous acid, meaning that over time it can eat through metal. (Thankfully the acid in our stomach is mighty too!)

To try using Coke to clean the toilet, simply pour one can of regular Coke into the toilet bowl. Let the Coke sit and do it's stain-fighting action thing for about 45 minutes. Give it a good scrub out with a toilet brush and then flush the toilet - you'll see an amazing difference.

Coke can also be used to clean tub and tile - if it works on a ceramic toilet, it should work equally well on those sufaces. :) Now, I never drink the stuff (I'm more an orange juice or iced tea kind of gal) but I'm going to get some and try this out and let you all know how it works!

Hugs to you slobbos,

Happy Slob Cleaning Tips Galore

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marilyn christine said...

just use your iced tea--LOL- it has the same basic ingredients if it is the powdered- I have tried some of the cleaning methods and so did the myth busters and to be honest- I think it works better if you drink it--however if you choose to try it any old brand or pop will do- cept orange will stain so stick with a colorless pop- have fun but try not to waste too much money using as a cleaner- huggles me