Sunday, September 10, 2006

Using Shelves for Organization: 3 Types of Shelving to Try

Here are some suggestions to get your creative organizational juices flowing, slobbo dears. :) Remember, the type of shelves don't matter as much as the fact that you need to figure out WHERE to put them, and WHAT needs to go on them.

In the Bathroom - Glass Shelves
Oh, the bathroom. It's supposed to be our spa at home, right? An oasis of peace and serenity...yeah, right! For most of us it's a cluttered, disorganized mess. :) That will change with a bit of decluttering AND a few handy shelves to house the stuff you really do need and use.

Glass shelves in the bathroom will fit just about any decorating scheme - from traditional to modern. They're a beautiful, almost floating way to display items. Here is a beautiful one:

Get inspiring ideas on using shelves like this from home decorating stores and decorating magazines. (You don't even need to buy them if you don't want to -- just borrow some from the library!)

In the Kitchen:
Anything from French-inspired wrought iron shelves to more classical wooden shelves are fabulous in the kitchen. They can become handy spice racks, a place to store your favorite cookbooks, or even extra storage space for cups and glasses. Here's one style that caught my fancy on my search:

It's an on-the-wall wine shelf! Fab usage of space,if you ask me! ;) And there's still enough room to hold a few plants to add character and a burst of greenery to your kitchen space.

(P.S. I have to say - I find Ikea a fantastic place to get inspired for shelving in the kitchen and around the home! If you have an Ikea around where you live, it is well worth a visit.)
In the Study/Library
Let's be honest - most of us don't have a separate study or library! (I certainly don't.) But, shelving is the logical and beautiful way to show off your collection of books, without cluttering up your home.

Anywhere Else

On my search for fantastic shelves, I found this unique option: a wall-mounted shelf with built in baskets. Wonderful for storing clutter away when you're not ready to deal with it yet!

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